A tailored approach

We appreciate the individuality of each of our clients and their properties. Our ability to tailor our approach is the foundation upon which the success of our advice is built.

Selling your property with Farrar

Recognising that the demands differ depending on whether our clients are selling a house or a flat, two distinct departments gather specialist sales professionals experienced in each type of property.

Attention to detail

Our aim is to make sure that our specialist flat and house sales professionals are completely familiar with every aspect of any property that they are involved in the sale of, ensuring that minor and major details are not only understood, but correctly conveyed to buyers.

Time, methodology  and attention to detail, in the modern world, can too often fall by the wayside, with ‘immediacy and convenience’ filling the gap. This is not the Farrar approach. For almost 50 years, we have been continually involved in making sure that the true value of our clients’ real estate assets are achieved.

Outstanding client service

It is also imperative that we share one common agenda with our Clients, to completely recognise not only pricing expectations, but also timing and seasonal aspects that have to be allowed for and  consistent client liaison is critical to our success.

We continually strive to sustain and better the level of service that has seen satisfied clients spread the word. In a sales market with few remaining truly independent operators, this is our strength and difference.

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